Sustainable development

We Value Protecting forest resources

For Camwooders Group, supply constraints have always motivated progress. We have mastered this challenge while maintaining respect for the forest, instigating green label actions even before they became compulsory. Focusing its growth on new markets is part of good forest management logic, allowing new species to emerge. Group policy pursues: providing the best customer service while protecting forest resources.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility

We Value strict environmental standards

we are committed to both the well-being of our employees and the community as a whole. Our corporate identity is shaped around common values and goals that we mutually share. We are also fully conscious of the potential social and environmental costs that can be incurred from our work in the lumber industry. It is our dedication to all our clients, business associates and to the future generations..

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Road Construction projects for easy accessibility


As we penetrate the forest, we find it neccsary to maintain good relationships with remote villages settlers that we come accross. Also transportation from out of the forest to the town will be quicker if roads were perfect. To this effect, Camwooders Group alongside the local government have taken it upon themselves to improve accessibility which will intend reduce delivery time and also benefit the local communitties that are found within the forest to be exploited...

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